Note: This list is incomplete. I only have 78 items so far, more to come!

I first read about this on another blog, found here, which inspired me to create my own.

The goal is to create a list of 101 things to hopefully complete by the time three years have passed. I find that I need to challenge myself more, and this list is the perfect way to get the ball rolling. Here is my list!

End Date: January 2nd, 2020


Renew gym membership and develop routine
Meditate for 20 mimutes daily for 2 weeks
Do yoga everyday for a month
Attend a yoga class
Go a month without fast food
Make an appointment at CMHA
Grow hair to my butt
Eat breakfast every day for 2 weeks
Partipate in a run
Start massage therapy
Reach goal weight of 130 lbs
Ween off Coca-Cola and quit it altogether
Try drinking tea for a week
Get a family doctor
Develop skin care routine
Drink recommended amount of water daily for 2 weeks
See nutritionist and create flexible diet
Give myself a bedtime and stick to it for 2 weeks


Pay off credit card in full
Put aside $10 a week for a year
Go a month without buying makeup, or clothes


Professional makeup desk with mirror
Have a spa day
Glass case for all collectibles
Digital camera
3-5 high end makeup products
Record player
New living room furniture
A house
Family and Friends

Have family game nights at least twice a month for a year
Give handwritten notes to friends and family
Treat my family to dinner
Make a mix tape for my partner
Go on a real date with my partner
Research and create a better diet for my animals


Donate blood
Volunteer at 3 different places
Donate unwanted clothes
Donate to a different charity every month for a year
Compliment 5 people a day for a week


Write a novel
Color one picture a week
Draw/sketch one picture a month
Post to blog once a week for a year
Learn to play bass guitar
Cosplay as Princess Zelda at FanExpo
Start a vlog
Bake something once a month for 6 months
Create a personal style
Start and keep a diary
Host a live video on Facebook
Create 5 boards on Pinterest

Travel and Education

Go to college
Go to New York City
Participate in FanExpo (not necessarily as Zelda)
See Sleigh Bells live
Sight-see Ottawa, Ontario
Move out of my home town

Just Because

Start and complete video game sleeve tattoo
Start and finish every single Legend of Zelda game
Watch all Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter movies
Read all the Scott Pilgrim graphic ovels
Read one book a month for a year
Take a selfie every day for a year
Watch a movie in theatres
Get my drivers license
Get professional (regular and boudoir) photos taken
Stop chewing my fingernails, lips, and insides of my cheeks
Try exotic food
Take apartment/house photos
Go skinny dipping
Learn basic Japanese
Write a letter to myself to be opened on my 30th birthday
Have a mini bar in my apartment/house
Become vegetarian for a week
Go through entire iTunes library and clean it up
Create my dream bedroom