Review: SiliSponge Dupe!

From brushes, to sponges, to even using your hands, there are several well known, and trusted, methods of applying makeup. That is, up until about a month ago, when a new product hit the online market: the SiliSponge, by Molly Cosmetics. One of the more recent beauty trends, it was widely talked about, and sought after, as the next greatest tool created for applying concealer, foundation, and power products. It’s been compared many times to the Original Beauty Blender, but with the added twist that the SiliSponge actually saves you product, due to the nature of the material (silicone).

Since the SiliSponge sold out in a heartbeat, a few people in the makeup community have come up with a dupe for the product: using silicone breast inserts. Sounds crazy, right? Well I decided to put it to the test. One of my best friends purchased 2 breast inserts, and was kind enough to let me have one to review!

My initial thought upon seeing the insert was that makeup application has definitely come a long way. I was about to use a fake breast to apply concealer, and foundation, to my face. My curiosity was creeping in.

I started by prepping my face with a moisturizer, as well as a primer. Once that was set, I applied my concealer. I used a dabbing motion to blend it into my skin, and I noticed that it was a little more difficult to get into the crease around my nose, and in the corner of my eye. I tried manipulating the silicone insert to form a point, and that helped a little bit.

With that blended, I placed a few dots of my foundation around my face, and patted that into my skin as well. The large surface area of the insert made it easy to work on my cheeks, and forehead. Once I was happy with it, I set it with pressed powder using a large fluffy brush.

I was generally satisfied with the results, and seeing that all my foundation ended up on my face, and not on the product itself felt somewhat rewarding. I’ve only given this a couple of tries, and I’m keen on trying to actual SiliSponge. I did miss the tip that the beauty sponge offers, which makes it easier to work around the nose, and eyes. It did the job, however, and the application feels very smooth, and seamless. In the end, the insert did what I anticipated, and it was very fun way to apply my makeup.

Would you ever use this on your face? Leave me a comment below!

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